Sunday, May 29, 2011

A 99th Birthday Celebration: Grandpa Edmund

On the day of my grandpa's 99th birthday this past May 1st, he got ready to boogie down.  His children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, extended family and friends all came together to eat and be merry in celebration, but what we didn't expect was such a bangin' party!  Grandpa visited the dance floor (of the amazingly 80s restaurant ballroom) on several occasions, showing off great moves we didn't even know he had and provoking us to let loose with him.  At one point his cane became a prop which was being swung back and forth, à la the famous Mr. Peanut.

This photograph is one of my most favourite from that day.  In his prime growing up in Poland, my grandpa was a great skiier.  For his birthday gift, the grandchildren decided to enlarge, mount and frame his most prized personal portrait: himself as a handsome and vibrant young man holding his balance with two poles whilst kicking his skis high up in the air.  Upon unwrapping the gift, he proceeded to reminisce of the wacky old days when these tricks were second nature, and then he jokingly began to hop up with his cane, pretending to do the trick once more.  I still laugh thinking of this moment! 

For Grandpa Edmund's 100th birthday, I hope to organize a gallery exhibition of the many photographs he has taken over his lifetime.  My gramps began his lifeling career as a photographer in Poland in the 30s.  Photography is still his passion to this day, and even at 99 years old, his camera is often found strapped around his neck.   

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