Monday, June 13, 2011

Photoshoot / Look Book Inspiration

We're shooting the Biko Look Book this Wednesday and I've been neck-deep in sorting through ideas, inspiration, and product to feature.  Our theme is 'Girls' Night Out' meets 'The Good Old Days' meets "Modern Nostalgia" (of course).  I'm so fortunate to be working with such a talented team, and I cannot wait to give you the 'behind the scenes' scoop on those involved as well as the shoot itself later this week.

These images are some of the many my team and I have drawn from to assist in our scheming for our shoot.  I'm so very excited!!

This gorgeous jukebox actually exists IN the space we're shooting!  Lucky us!
I also chose this image because of the lighting and colour tinting.
Image via BlogTO.
Loving the lighting (ie bright flash and dim corners), as well as the nostalgic feeling to the photo.
Image via Plaid Magazine.
The feeling of magic. LOVE.
Image via I don't know... I've had this image for so long, sorry!

The HAIR. Expect at least one look similar to this.
Image via Pixie Market (I think... it was a long time ago!)

The patterned jumpsuit.  The pattern alone is awesome, and on this jumpsuit it's even better!
We'll be styling with a lot of basics/nudes with splashes of colour and awesome patterns
here and there to break it up.
Image via I don't know... I've had this image for so long, sorry!

The looseness of this pose.  We're going for a more natural, not-so-posey look,
with movement throughout.  Tough to explain, but you'll see.
Image via Nicole Ritchie.

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