Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oh Crazy Month of December...

The best way to put it is to say that it's been one very intense and productive holiday season.  I've been going non-stop the whole time, and its been greatly rewarding and exhausting.  I'll do my best to give the picture-book version of what I've seen and been up to.

It all began with the Toronto One of a Kind Show, which opened its doors on Nov. 24th and continued for 11 jam-packed days, until the 4th of December....

I was given a non-corner booth this time, which required extra thought on my part to
figure out how to allow shoppers in without making it feel claustrophobic.  
Wolfie never disappoints.
Texture and shape.  Makes me happy. 
My friend Danielle Hession's beautiful work.  I've commissioned her to create a custom
piece for me, and I cannot wait to meet up with her and get it going!  

The day after the Toronto show ended on Dec 4th, I regrouped, repacked, and flew to Vancouver just in time for set-up at the Vancouver One of a Kind Show.  Set-up took two days, and the show ran from the 8th-11th of December.

A view of the beautiful mountains, the ocean, and the new Vancouver Convention
 Centre, where the show takes place.  I love the huge raindrop sculpture!
The Vancouver One of a Kind Show's entrance featured a huuuuuge chalk wall,
which visitors were invited to personalize.  
Biko's set-up here was quite different from the Toronto show. I was given a 5x10 corner
booth, and I ordered a white hardwall as my backdrop.  C'est chic, non?  
Perhaps the white wall looks even better than the dark brown wall I'm used to...
what do you think? 
I used several vintage boxes over black leather to display product.
Easily transportable and fun!
I was lucky enough to have the sales help of my friend (and talented photographer)
Marlis Funk.  We had tons of fun pretending this corner of hanging necklaces was
a mini jail cell.  Oh the silly photos we have from this impromptu shoot!     
Holiday lights on my walk down Burrard St after the show one night. 
After the shows were finally over, my friend Melanie (of Mena Dragonfly) and I treated
ourselves to a well deserved spa day.  The following day I took a trip up to Whistler,
and even went skiing! (You don't understand, I hadn't been skiing in about 12 years!).
This shot is taken high above the mountain, while traveling from peak to peak
 (Blackcomb to Whistler). 

I'm finally back at my home base in Toronto, filling last-minute online orders and beginning to plan the next Biko collection.  Yes, it never does end around here, but that's just fine.  I'm thankful for a great jam-packed season, and I couldn't love doing this any more.

I'll be back in a day or so with my last-minute holiday gift guide/wish list.  Stay tuned!

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  1. congrats on making it through such a busy month! Hope you get some time to relax over the holidays, xo - L