Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Biko's Last-Minute Gift Guide / Wish List

Of course it's last-minute, what more did you expect from me? Here's a little list of items I either love and wish to have, love and think you should have, or both.

1. Unfold Pendant lamp, by Form Us With Love for Muuto.  The pop of cobalt would be perfect in my home, and it's soft silicone rubber makeup is genius. The lamp arrives squished in a box, and upon removal, it unfolds into its shape. Cool!  Available online at Design Within Reach, $189.

2. Biko Gift Certificate for ilovebiko.com.  These babies are brand new, how exciting! 
Gift cards come printed on beautiful card stock with fancy envelopes, and can be mailed directly to your or the receiver's address, free of charge.  There is even an option to print at home, for those last minute gifts.  Available at ilovebiko.com in values of $25, $50, $75, $100, $150, $175, $200, $250 and $300.

3. Quartz No. 1 Terrarium, by Score + Solder.  Oh how I want this. Badly, so badly. Available online at Score + Solder, $320.  

4. Modern Friendship Bracelet, by Biko. We wear this bracelet daily, no joke.  It's not only super chic and stylin', it's a fun way to show your friends your love for them.  Available online at ilovebiko.com, 1 for $85 or 2 for $150.

5. Almoco Flatware, by Almoco. I think this is the coolest thing since sliced bread. The matte black finish is 'old 80's car cool', and the modern silhouette of each piece is striking. Who knew cutlery could make me so happy? Available online at Design Within Reach, $60 for one setting.. yikes!

6. Pandora Necklace, by Biko. You should have this, because it's geometric, edgy and fun. Enough said. Available online at ilovebiko.com, $185.

7. Canadian Wool Blanket, by MacAuslands Woollen Mills.  I might have just acquired this blanket, but it's so new that I'm still very excited and wanted to share it. I can't wait to curl up and feel it's warmth. Available online at Old Faithful Shop, $210. 

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