Wednesday, March 9, 2011

NYC: A Cell Phone Camera Photo Story - Part 2

So, NYC had its work cut out for me.  After all, there is no such thing as all play and no work in that city.
I awoke to find the city blanketed with a layer of snow.  It was so beautiful!
At the edge of Central Park, the trees looked especially pretty.
I visited many trade shows to get an idea of where Biko belongs in the NYC circuit.
This one, called Capsule, was pretty damn cool.  I want in!

Holy digging!  This is the most insane of my many suppliers...
rooms upon rooms of chaos in different forms. The boxes never end!
See that tiny walking path?  You're lucky to even GET a path.
Most times you need to crawl OVER the boxes. 
Ah, the beauty of working with vintage pieces!
A picture of the floor.  I felt guilty stepping on all these shiny parts,
but it was unavoidable.
Ta da!  This is some of the stuff I left with (from a different supplier). 
Goods to turn into magic for fall or next year's collection.

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  1. any chance you can tell me the name of that supplier? i've been trying to find a few good suppliers in NYC for chain.