Sunday, January 30, 2011

IDS Show 2011 - Opening Night Party

Paige of Bicyclette Boutique and I checked out the IDS Opening Night Party this past Thursday Jan. 27th.  It was a fun night indeed!  Little memories keep popping up, like a NOW Magazine photographer conducting an interview with us, in which we made up some silly and strange answers that didn't really make sense.  (I don't blame him if he decides to skip publishing that story.)  

Oh!  And I met Christine from Bijou and Boheme, very randomly as we were leaving.   You see, I met Christine online a couple of months ago through a Biko giveaway she hosted on her blog.  At the party she approached me, asking if I was wearing a Biko necklace, and telling me "I know her." I was like, that's me!  You know me?  It was a flattering and funny moment, and then we realized we did in fact know each other, but only through the online world.  What a reality check!  I discovered this on her blog, which I think is so very cute of her to write:

You should totally check out Christine's blog!

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