Sunday, January 9, 2011

Biko x Bicycette

The Bicyclette online shop just posted new pictures of the latest merchandise for sale.  It's great to see that Biko made an appearance in these lust-worthy outfits. 

Introducing two new pieces: The Tourmaline and Rock Crystal Two-Tone Necklaces. 
To view this awesome Wildfox Heart Tee go HERE.
The Effie Necklace, paired with the best little black dress.
To view this saucy Motel dress, go HERE.

The Kaleidoscope Necklace, paired with some sexy peeking shoulders.
To view this Funktional sweater, go HERE.

The Mimi Necklace in Black, and the TwoTone Fringe Necklace.
To view this Splendid Velvet Mix Top, go HERE.
To view the Mimi Necklace, go HERE.


Don't forget to continue checking the Bicyclette webstite for shop updates regularly!

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