Monday, August 23, 2010

STORE: Boutique George & Jane

Its all in the family at this beautiful new store in Montreal's Mile End neighbourhood.  Boutique owner Nicole coins it as "a shop for boys and girls, inspired by my grandparents- George & Jane."  Colourful images of George and Jane in their stylish, young days decorate the walls of this modern, spacious store.  The high ceilings boast beautiful lighting, designed by Nicole's fiance's brother (Thout).  The wood floors and dark cabinets add warmth to this grand space, making it comfortable and approachable... and the clothing, oh the clothing!  Each and every piece, hand-picked by Nicole and her right-hand-gal Yvette, exemplifies character, quality, and effortless, innate style.  Presented beautifully on suspended racks, these pieces are a pleasure to sift through.  Brands carried include Acne, Filippa K, Religion, Lily & Jae, Gestuz, and Helmut Lang to name a few.  I am also proud to announce that BIKO is now being carried at Boutique George & Jane.

Join Boutique George and Jane's Facebook Fan Page and visit the shop at 5364 Blvd. Saint Laurent. 
All images via this page.

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