Saturday, October 3, 2009

Biko takes a break for Nuit Blanche

The Clothing Show is over, and although I had little sleep leading up to it, and it was on my birthday *sigh*, it went well and was definitely worth my efforts. I leave for Vancouver (to do the One of a Kind Show) on Monday, and have been making as much product as possible before I take off. It's crunch time in Biko's world, but how could I let Nuit Blanche pass me by?

I'm super excited to see several pieces, like Space Becomes the Instrument at Massey Hall, Jeff Koon's Rabbit Balloon inside the Eaton Centre, and Laundromat Kaleidoscope at the Queen St Laundry. Apparently, commercial dryers inside the laundry mat are converted into giant constantly oscillating kaleidoscopes. Since I'm obsessed with kaleidoscopes (see Biko's Kaleidoscope Necklace), I'm super excited for this one!

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