Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back To The Grind

It's fall, people. How did this happen so fast? Just when I thought the end of summer meant doomsday was upon us, I got slapped in the face with the feeling of fresh. New season means new ideas, new opportunities, and a new work ethic. For some reason, when the kiddies go back to school, I go back to work in my head. I mean, I've been working all along, but now the real stuff gets done. You'll see.

Like, in 2 weeks you'll see Biko at the Clothing Show in Toronto, where you will be able to pick up all the latest exciting pieces, including the Limited Edition Collection. Two more weeks, and Biko takes on the West Coast, at the Vancouver One of a Kind Show. Until then, work work work, and a little fun too.

Speaking of fun (and inspiring), this is a show not to be missed: As a part of TIFF, one of my favourite bands, Off The International Radar, will be playing a show at the Drake Underground on Thurs. Sept 17th. Their new EP is being released this week as well... so excited!

To listen to them and to learn more:

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