Friday, July 29, 2011

A Little Tease

I'm bursting at the seams with excitement over the upcoming Biko Lookbook, to be released in just under two weeks.  Every day I take another look at it, my socks get blown off all over again.  It does help that I've got photographer Angela Lewis taking care of the photography and image post production, as well as creative director Karolina Loboda of The White Room taking the reins in managing the team, image editing and designing the final printed piece.  I'm so lucky to have these amazing talents working on Biko with me.  We've been dedicating much of this week to finalizing the images and layout, so soon, very soon you will see the final product.  I'm going to be bad and give you a little peek...  just one image, that's all.   These ladies are just DARLING!

In addition, I must say the Biko shoot wouldn't have been possible without the collaboration of wardrobe stylist Jessica Albano, beauty artist Sandra Yang, videographer Daniel Graf, Biko interns Carly Blackman & Andrea Crofts, as well as the beauty and photography assistants.  Thank you, my amazing team!

Stay tuned for the Behind-the-Scenes video, to be released in mid August.

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  1. looking forward to seeing the new catalogue!