Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Cliff House

I've become obsessed with the story of the Cliff House, the old photographs that document it and the people living during its prime.  Throughout its incarnations, it featured art galleries, restaurants, parlors, lunch rooms, verandas, and eventually a hotel.  It was originally built in 1863, but was destroyed in a fire in 1894.  It was rebuilt in 1896 and burned to the ground (again) in 1907. A modest replacement was built in 1909.

For more info, visit here.

I love how everyone is dressed up, even to visit the beach.
I find it hard to pin-point the age of these people.. 
a toughie when they are dressed more like the elders of today.
She seems super young.

Top-notch vintage bikes!

Some cool dudes in great suits.

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