Saturday, March 27, 2010

Parla Italiano?

Alright, who here speaks Italian?  In dissecting what I can, it seems the writer (of the Italian blog || Your daily source for cool) suggests that Biko shares the name with the famous anti-apartheid South African martyr, Steven.  I'm also getting that I have 'splendidly realized the mix of vintage and modern, in pieces such as the mini harmonica, the telescope, and the capsule necklace'.  The second paragraph is is a tough one for me to decipher, except for the word 'party'.  I also seem to be getting a nod to the UK site Not Just a Label, which carries the line, as well a direct link to Biko's catalogue and email.  I know, I know, you're wondering where I learned to speak Italian, right?   =)
EDIT:  In using an online translator, this article became a lot clearer to me.  The second paragraph was the most romantic of all: "Because you never know when you're at a party there is desire to get to play one piece from tavern (with legs that beat the ground), or watch the stars." Thanks Google Translator!  The author was speaking of the real-life applications of the harmonica and the telescope!

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