Thursday, February 25, 2010

UK Web Store 'NOT JUST A LABEL' picks up Biko

I'm in love with this UK-based website, and pleased to announce they now carry Biko. The NOT JUST A LABEL store offers avant-garde fashion from more than 2,000 designers around the world. Time to time, they call on celebrities and key industry figures to draw pieces from individual collections, spotlighting them. In addition to being a store, NJAL is also a fashion design directory and forum, bringing together the many facets of the industry.

About the SHOP (from their website):

"NOT JUST A LABEL gives birth to a new kind of shopping experience offering unique and rare designer garments. Addicts and admirers alike now have the opportunity to purchase special and limited edition pieces from designers recognised as the leaders in avant-garde fashion."

Check out the Biko Jewellery page on NJAL:

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