Thursday, November 26, 2009

I was just blogged about by a customer, and she made my day!

A customer came by the One of a Kind Show today, and bought some of my jewellery. She was very sweet, and we had a great conversation. I just got a Google Alert that she blogged about me and her experience at my booth, and it made my day!! I'm going to copy + paste her post here:
Biko Jewellery, Spelled the Canadian Way: Biko the Video Star

love love love love love

1. her jewellery is enchanting and i want one of everything

2. i don’t even wear jewellery, so this is saying a lot

3. her haircut is divine

4. i think i have a crush on her

5. i didn’t even realize this before purchasing a pair of her earrings today, but we figured out that i have worn her jewellery before… a lot of it… with a bunch of white dresses… in mexico… and the jewellery was hands down the best part

6. go to to see her collection and then go to the one-of-a-kind show to buy me all of her stuff!"

this is her blog:

I think it's these sort of compliments that make me want to keep going. It's so nice to know I've got supporters out there who are excited about what I do!

Come visit me at the One of a Kind Show (booth S-44), from today until Dec 6th at the Direct Energy Building, Exhibition Place.

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